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Global coverage

Sarbestos currently exports products to more than 10 different markets worldwide. These markets include North America, Europe, Russia, South Africa, Middle East, and Africa .

High Quality Products

Our commitment is to keep our clients satisfied by providing high quality products which insure safety, affordability and durability.

'E' Certified

Sarbestos Brakes pads are ‘E’ certified ECR R90 regulation. The R90 approved brake pad is therefore the only way to ensure that you are supplying reliable, safe product to the customer.

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About us

Sarbestos is an international corporation based in Delhi-India, a world leader, specializing in disc brake pads, brake shoe, brake linings and friction material for all makes and models of passenger, commercial vehicles, two wheeler and off the road. Sarbestos continuously strives for high level of customer satisfaction, by maintaining high quality raw material, advanced production technology and fast delivery.